Wednesday, February 5, 2014

She's Driving Us Crazy!

From Dec 21/2006 on my other blog:

We thought we had 'solved' the Megan climbing on the chairs and onto the table issue. However, it only took two days for her to learn that the rungs on the back of the chair are also a good ladder!! She can't get onto the table (yet) but man! She's non-stop! And QUICK! Get off your chair to get a drink...she's up there. She's now started climbing up on the chair when Huey or Lucy in on it! She also climbs on the chair for the computer, which is a 'tractor seat' stool from IKEA. And she can climb into the bathtub! I remember Huey being into stuff--he was a dumper--and he did climb a little, but I'm going crazy trying to keep up with her. She doesn't sit and play with toys. The only time she is still seems to be when she's in the highchair and belted up. I am REALLY regretted that we never got the playpen out when we first moved here and got her used to it. By now, though, she'd probably figure out how to flip over the top of it!

As a result of Megan, we aren't getting a real tree this year.
I got out our old "We're not going to be home so why bother" tree:

The before pictures, LOL.

 And fluffed up, lights on:

The kids like that the lights flash on and off, LOL. It's missing some of it's old decorations, and Megan's already cleared the napkins off from the base (it's sitting on my sewing machine). I think the presents aren't going to appear until Christmas morning :)


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Hi Tracy, thanks for visiting my blog. I just read a little bit in yours and got stuck at the "wearing baby" story. My children are 22 and 21 now, so about 20 years back, when they were little, I carried them everywhere. I did so many things differently than my mother , grandmother or others around me did, I was only 2o back then myself and very insecure, but my instincts told me to do as I though right. My babies never cried much, or later behaved like maniacs in stores etc. I think it's the best thing a mother can do for her baby, so many benefits...My mom and grandmom just shook their heads but also tried to convince me to do it different, it was hard to stick with my new way. Anyway, wish you and your loved ones Merry Christmas!

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