Thursday, February 13, 2014

Family Cruise 2014: Day 1, Part 2

So, Aunt Lou and cousin Nya (Rob's sister) appear as we're waiting for Rob and Mum to show up!  How exciting!  I had wondered if Lou's mention of going to Florida in January to see friends was a code, LOL.  No, they booked the trip just the week before!  Finally, Mum and Rob showed back up and she let out a lovely little gasp/mini-yell.  Now, our table for 6, that had been snuggled up to fit 7, would need to be even bigger!  Mum and Dad moved to an empty 2 seater beside us, but for the rest of the nights, there was a larger board on the table to seat us all. 

The kids needed help with the menus, and frankly, sometimes so did the adults, LOL!  We encouraged the kids to try anything, since they could always get something else.  I think Meg got the plain old linguine.  They loved the fresh hot buns.  Previously, I had taken pictures of the menus and/or meals, but I forgot. I did get a picture of Megan with a mango pudding.  I think they were a little stingy on the blueberries, LOL.
After dinner, the teen area was having an open house, and there was going to be free games in the arcade!  Hugh wouldn't go into the teen zone, despite Mum nearly bribing a kid who was going in, to take him with him!  We thought maybe he'd do better when they have a structured activity, instead of a "make small talk with strangers" activity.
Everyone enjoyed the video games, though, it's SO noisy!

 Like father, like daughter!
 I don't think Dad played any of the games, but he was still supportive.  Since it was free...LOL
 The three girls on their bikes!
 Meg got right into it, learning to lean and pull wheelies!
Lou had a turn too.

After the free games time was up, we headed over to see Lou and Nya's suite.  Located on our deck as well, it was a "Family Suite" at the very front of the ship.  Those round windows above the helicopter pad?   Up there!  We had actually enquired about a Family Suite, but didn't feel it was worth it.  Yes, there was lots of space, though one kid would have had to sleep on the couch in the open area (although the book says there's a 3rd and 4th Pullman in the bedroom, I didn't see them...maybe they were in the other bedroom?), but there was only ONE bathroom!!  I felt their suite was a little drab actually...the same desk and closet and colours as the other rooms, but given that it's spread out, it just seemed to be lacking in something?  The kids had a lot of fun, playing in Nya's room. 

It was getting late though, and it had been two very busy days for us.  We tried to make arrangements for breakfast though I had NO idea what time we'd be up and moving.  Eventually we got back to our room where the kids got to see the Pullman down finally.  Hugh got to sleep up there, since he already sleeps on a loft bed.  It was hard to believe day 1 was over, and no one had even gone swimming, LOL!!

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