Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Update on Hugh

It's time for a little update on Hugh.  The accident was on October 11.  On October 13 I took him to see our family doctor (who he hadn't yet met) at the walk in clinic.  She was somewhat more helpful than the hospital, although she didn't take the cast off to look at it.  She did prescribe naproxen (a stronger version of Aleve) and prevacid (to protect his stomach from the naproxen).
These pictures are from just before we went to the walk in clinic, Oct 13.

These pictures are from October 14th:

Its hard to get a good picture--using a flash makes his skin look shiny and you can't see the bruising, but no flash means it's blurry, although the colours are better.
You can really see how the right side of his foot is either swollen, or out of place.  It looked like this on the xray, but the doctor said it wasn't broken.

These pictures are from October 17:
 The bruising around his toes did not show up as quickly as the ankle bruising.  Is that good, or a concern?

Tomorrow, Oct 20, we go to the "fracture clinic" at the hospital.  Hopefully we'll finally get some answers there.  He's able to put some weight on it and "walk" without the cast, but I'm not letting him, LOL, although he takes it off for sleeping now.  I think that's helping heal the road rash--getting some fresh air on it.

One thing we found out after this accident, is that Hugh has a wart problem on that right foot!  I had no idea--he ALWAYS wears socks, so we don't see his feet.  He had had one on his hand that got large and was hard to get rid of, and last year had one on his foot that was also difficult to treat.  But he's got two huge plantar warts (which he says don't hurt), and MANY (10+?) smaller warts around the toes.  I read that up to 90% of warts will just disappear, but I don't think the plantar warts will, and he's even got some bumps on his knee that look like mini-warts.  My bigger concern though is WHY does he get so many, and no one else in the family (Lucy and Meg have each gotten one or two at a time, easily treatable) gets them that bad.  I never get warts.

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