Monday, October 3, 2011

Music Monday

I was all set to write about this song last Monday, but then found out the CD doesn't include lyrics :(  Then I got really busy and now it's this week, LOL.  I promise I won't do country music each week!

"I'd Rather Be Happy Than Right".  There's no video to go with the music, so you have to intentionally listen.  But it's an easy listen!

As a woman, I do think every man should hear this!  It's like a Dr Phil episode in a song.  And better looking!  LOL.

However, this caught my ear:  "if I want to be happy later on tonight, I better let her think she won the fight, cause I'd rather be happy than right".

Good point, LOL.  But....shouldn't the woman also/sometimes  let the man think he's won the fight?  Mr. M and I totally disagree on some renovating things right now, but I can let it slide and let him think he's "winning".  I think it just comes down to this...what can you let slide for the sake of happiness?  The paint colour?  Do you really need to comment on her lipstick?  His mismatched socks?  What you focus on expands!

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