Friday, August 26, 2011

Indianapolis, Day 5

Day 5 brought us to mid-week, Wednesday.  In the afternoon, our BIL, his daughter, and the 5 of us packed into his SUV to head to the Lego Store.  It was interesting, but not cheap, and a little headache inducing.  The wall of single bricks is really neat if you're missing something particular.  After that, we went shoe shopping.  Yup.  Two men, one woman, three young girls and one pre-teen boy.  The first store didn't even carry children's shoes.

 We didn't find anything we thought were suitable for Meg and Lucy, and headed home for an early dinner as the family photographer was coming over to take pictures.  Rob's sister didn't want the adults hanging around too closely while the kids got their shots done, but I wish I had taken a few of the adventure.  After doing some at the house we moved to a beautiful park (please check out the link!).  The kids were "playing" on a knoll while Stacey took photos.  There were a few disturbances as they really aren't used to playing together, LOL.  Then, they were to hold hands and jump.  Somehow, Hugh wrenched Lucy's wrist and really hurt her.  Then, while trying to console her about that, a bug bite on her leg started bleeding.  That was it for her, end of her model aspirations, right in time for the individual close up pictures.  No matter what the adults did (mostly Rob and Stacey), they could not get her to smile again.  Now, Lucy does pout a lot, so a pouty picture would actually be in her nature.  However, when we got the online proofs, there was only one pouty picture and it wasn't pouty enough; she just looked sad. 

After the photo session we headed to an ice cream shop, Brics.  A delicious treat was had by all, and we enjoyed the "family game" on the table...a little box of cards, each with a question to ask your family, such as "what talent would you like to have".  The 10 of us took up a lot of space, and looked rather funky in our bright outfits, but it was a nice end to the day.

 I don't have any pictures of the day's activities, but took some after day camp when the kids showed me the zip line at the school.  It's geared more for children though as Daddy's bum hit the ground!
 Even Granddad gave it a try.  I did it too, but no one took a picture!

Monkey Meg!

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