Thursday, August 18, 2011

Indianapolis, Day 3

Day 3 of our trip was Monday, and the first day of 1/2 day daycamp for the four kids.  They went to camp at "Park Tudor", a huge, pre-K to gr 12 private school.  I can't even think of an equivalent in the Durham Region here; most private schools start around grade 5 here.  Meg and her cousin were in "Edible Science", Lucy was in drama camp putting together "Annie Jr. Jr" and Hugh got to take the Lego Robotics camp.  While they were at camp, Rob and I drove around a bit and then got groceries for our turn to cook dinner on Tuesday.

After lunch, Lou, Grandma, Rob and I took the 4 kids to "the JCC".  This is the "Jewish Community Centre".  They have an outdoor aquatics park that is just wonderful!  I didn't take pictures, due to it being full of kids (Park Tudor camps come several afternoons), but check out some other images.  Mmm...can't find too many pictures on line!  That's too bad.  There is a large L shaped pool with 12ft depth at the deep end (but no diving board).  The kids had fun there working on their dives as the pools we go to at home don't allow diving.  Hugh also worked on his strength and distance swimming as it wasn't too busy in the deep end, he didn' t have to do a swim test to swim there, and the depth meant he HAD to swim, LOL..  The younger girls could also swim in the deep end, but they also enjoyed the family splash area.  Everyone loved the lazy river.  Once up on the tubes, that is.  Next to doing dives, the lazy river was Hugh's favourite.  There was also two water slides.  One was open, one was a dark tube.  The girls enjoyed these, Hugh did them a few times too.

It was a very hot and sunny afternoon and it was fairly busy there.  Lou's husband gets a pass through work, and then she buys a pass for her and her daughter.  It was $25 for us to go, I don't know if that was discounted because of her pass.  Rob thought it was expensive, but I thought it was reasonable...compared to the cost of indoor public swim at home, which has time limits and much less to do.

Only one picture today.  The kids were sharing one bedroom, which had just a queen bed and a single air mattress.  At first, everyone wanted the air mattress, but by this night, no one wanted it.  Lucy is NOT good about sharing, and that includes beds.  But when I went in to take Meg to the bathroom, this is what I found:
They were in the queen bed, and my plan was to sleepwalk Meg to the air bed after potty.  Hugh hadn't gone to bed yet.  But while I had her in the bathroom, Hugh got in the airbed, LOL, so I had to kick him out.  Musical beds every night!

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