Thursday, June 2, 2011

Strollers Are Better?

(This is another post from my other blog, August, nearly 5 years!  Hugh was 6 and starting grade 1, Lucy was 3 and starting JK, and Meg was 9 months old.)

We did a test walk of the walk to school. We moved in May. It used to be 3 blocks, now it's exactly one mile. No bus, not even for 3 year olds going to JK. It took 25 minutes and was torture most of the way. Huey just can't cope with that, given his poor muscle tone.

Megan rode in the stroller. She doesn't spend much time in it. Being born in November and worn in the sling since the day we got home from the hospital, she hasn't needed the stroller. Too awkward when walking in 'the forest', too annoying to fold up and put in the truck if we go anywhere. But she doesn't seem to mind the stroller anyway.

However, when we got home, I rushed inside to let Lucy go potty and pushed the button to open the garage door. As I was heading back out, Huey starts screaming. Apparently, he was trying to be helpful by pushing the stroller into the garage. He was watching Megan though, and not the garage door. The stroller got hooked on the bottom of the garage door, and when I got out there, she was dangling from the top! Thankfully she was buckled in well, but man! The neighbour watched it all from inside her minivan next door! She says they did that to the dog once, LOL.

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