Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, it's the second day of school. They were excited to get back. We got home at 11pm on Monday night from our weekend away, so Tuesday morning was a little bit rushed. But they got there on time. Lucy got the teacher she wanted, Huey has a new teacher.

But Meg? OMG. She has turned into the Tantrum Queen. I totally think it's exhaustion, but it still SUCKS. She's always been a little intense, mainly due to her low language skills (she really is a happy girl, easily calmed most of the time). I have this huge list of things to get done now that I don't have to drag three kids around, but her tantrums are worse than dragging three kids around. Especially since yesterday, the phone kept ringing. It's like, the telemarketers (and others) realize the kids are back at school, so it'd be a GREAT time (NOT!) to phone all the SAHMs. Argh.

Anyway. I was worried at the beginning of the summer that I would get stressed and overwhelmed and hate my kids by September. I had lots of plans, routines to put in place, ideas of how to keep them busy. Well. We did hardly any of it. One field trip. No trips to the library. A few trips to parks around town. But did we have a good summer? You bet! It was relaxed, spontaneous, not hot and humid, and passed really quickly. We had one bad partial week. My biggest annoyance was that I'd want to go do something (like, go to the grocery store), and the kids would be next door at their friend's. Normally he spends a LOT of time here so when they go there, I don't want them to come home, LOL. We spent a LOT of time in the driveway; so much that I moved a knitting machine to the garage!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Meg. I want to sign up for different activities, but it's expensive. We get a 'daycare credit' from the government, but it's not enough to put her in 2/3 morning/week pre-school. And if these tantrums keep up we might be doing nothing. Her SLP is going to evaluate her tomorrow, and says she might not even need therapy until later this fall. So, back to day-by-day living. Right now, I've got to phone the doctor's while it's quiet.

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