Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Don't Understand....

Recently, one of the Yahoo groups I'm in had an 'arguement'. Someone thought there was suddenly an increase in religious talk/postings. Someone mentioned that their beliefs are very important to them and so naturally it just 'comes up' in everyday conversations. Well, I don't understand how religious beliefs could come up in a discussion about diapers. Anyway, I was just reading through old emails from the group and came across one that must have been near the start of the 'arguement'. I don't get this woman's logic at all (some details have been altered):

"i have made and sent many pads to goods4girls dot org. But the pads I make just to donate, I dont donate to G4G because when I asked if i could inclose a Christian bookmark with the kits I was sending, she said "no, that it was a secular charity". Well, that was fine, she created the charity! who am I to insist that my personal beliefs get pushed into her idea?
so I just contacted some missionaries and sent the pad kits to Africa that way. My mom has been helping me quite a bit, in fact, she created her own NFP charity with a Christian emphasis, called Project Paprika (name changed by me). Which basically means that we make up the kits with 5 pads, a wetbag, and a Christian bookmark, and that we send it with a missionary, so that they have a platform to teach the girls hygene, taking care of yourself, and also sexual purity. so yeah, whether you donate with a religious agenda or not, the girls definately need the pads!"

It's fine for her to not impose her beliefs on a secular charity, but it's okay for missionaries to 'teach' these girls? I understand the teaching of hygene, etc, but all that could be done by health care workers. Doesn't anyone believe that these people might just be happy with their own beliefs and don't need missionaries? White people have done so much harm to so many people/cultures around the globe; often with the disguise of 'spiritual teaching'. I find it shocking that there are people out there who still feel that their religious beliefs need to be pushed onto others.

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