Sunday, November 18, 2007

We Survived!!

We survived our first kid's birthday party!! On Friday (Nov 16), we had Lucy's birthday party. We had bought a pack of 10 invitations, and started filling them out when we realized that there are 11 other girls in the class besides Lucy. So, do we only invite senior kindergarten girls? But Lucy sits at a table with several juniors. And if we invite those kids, how does she decide among the others? So we invited all eleven; hoping that a few wouldn't be able to come on a Friday night--it was a PD Day (day off school) so I thought some kids might go away or something.

Only one girl could not come!

So, 11 girls, aged 3 (almost 4) to almost 6, plus Megan, and Huey, and Johnathon, the boy next door. Whew. It started off a little wild, with the girls all chasing each other through the racetrack of our downstairs layout. One girl was nervous, one girl wanted to see Lucy's bedroom, and one girl would only stay if her mother did (this was NOT her first party). The other girls all knew this mother, Kelly, cause she helps in the cloakroom alot. She helped here a lot too!!

It was supposed to be a non-sleepover pajama party. I cleaned up the basement, and we put up the big tent, and I had planned for them to have pizza and cake down there, but Rob said no. He wanted to bring in the outside table and put that up in the family room. He realized he couldn't get it through the door though. Just as well, cause the girls were much more active than I thought they would be!! I also wasn't expecting that some of the girls wouldn't join in the group, and that many just wanted to play with the toys that I had 'hidden' in the other room. LOL.

Lucy's cake was the showpiece. I had planned to make a 13x9 pan, and cut off some of it to serve for Megan's birthday on Saturday. But when we went to Bulk Barn to get stuff for the pinata, we decided to rent a Cinderella cake pan. It's a $20 deposit and $1.99 per day fee. I baked it Thursday morning before taking Huey to school (Megan had been getting up early all week), and started decorating it that afternoon. I finished around 3pm on Friday!

Mmmm, the bodice of the dress looked lighter than that. Here's the picture that came with the pan:

My lettering is a little uneven, but so is most of the girl's at the party! Do you know how confused I got cause the picture is reversed to the layout of the cake?!

The eyelashes and pupils were supposed to be black, but I was forking out the money for the proper Disney Princess dye set so I didn't want to buy black as well. The skin colour is called Copper and was way too peachy. I think I should have smoothed her lipstick like the instructions said, LOL.

Lucy got upset when Megan blew out the candles while we were singing! There was only two small pieces left at the end. So, now you know, Cinderella can easily feed 13 young kids, LOL.

No one threw up, only one girl cried, no one smashed the wall during the pinata (they have pull ribbons now), and amazingly, not one cup of juice was spilled! So I guess it was a success. The great thing was Saturday morning though. Huey and Lucy played for hours quietly in their room!