Friday, November 9, 2007

Possible Source

I got a call from the Public Health Department today about the Giardia and where it might have come from. The most likely source was probably from one of the farms when we did the farm tour at the end of September. I didn't touch the animals too much but at the dairy farm there were some baby cows out in their igloos. The farmer girl was talking to people, and one of the calves was sucking away on her whole hand. Megan and/or I got slimed a bit I think. Ick. We also bought corn on the cob from our regular roadside seller; it's possible it was contaminated from manure....although corn gets boiled for 7 minutes and if you're supposed to boil water for 3 minutes when camping I think 7 would also work, LOL.

Still having some pain today. The diarrhea has changed but my poops still float (giardia blocks the absorption of fat so it all comes out in the poop!).

I went to band practice last night. I got cornered by the director who asked if I had gone to school in town ".......or where did I study music?....." so I had to fess up and say I had indeed studied at university. I was hoping to be a big slacker in this group. In the Guelph Concert Band, the repertoire was very challenging and slacking was not possible. But this group is more at the advanced high school level, and as the director is a high school music teacher too, I thought there'd be a million flute players like usual.
But no....there's a grade 11/12 girl and her aunt (average), and a young boy (grade 8?) who seemed a little different and I found out last night he came to Canada from Russia only a couple years ago. Can't tell from his speech, but when the sign up sheet came around, he had to take it to his father, and sometimes he doesn't seem to understand some directions. He's a very early beginner player though and most of the music is too hard for him, but he's trying. And last night there was another grade 10 student, but she wasn't outstanding.
I've been reflecting back to when I was in grade 10 and I would have played my buns off to get a good position/chair and this music wouldn't have been too difficult. But then again, I'd practice at least two hours/day. It was surprising though how I could seem to be so good at one level, but once I got to university (and not even the top music school in Ontario by far), I was way down the ladder. And where are those players today? Not too many who graduated with a B.Mus have careers in music.....Anyway, it's fun being back in a concert band, even if I don't get to slack off and he wants me to be a pillar of timing, tuning, and articulation, LOL. I was feeling pretty beat by the time we finished last night!

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