Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stomach Story Part Two

So, I took the six doses of anti-biotics and was feeling much better. I did get a call from my dr's office that she wanted to see me about the bloodwork. I made the appointment for yesterday (Oct 30). On Sunday (October 28), I had diarrhea again. But on Monday and Tuesday I felt strangely constipated. I still have no appetite. My biggest concern is that my symptoms match Crohn's Disease--an Irritable Bowel Disease; which is common with Ankylosing Spondialysis--the type of arthritis I think I have.

So the doc felt my tummy, it didn't hurt this time, and said my liver results were high, probably from being dehydrated. She thinks it's viral but if it doesn't clear out soon, she thinks I should have a colonoscopy and she wanted some more bloodwork done.

I pretty much scratched Crohn's off the list on Monday night as Huey was quite sick with diarrhea! Then, on Tuesday morning, he threw up. The doc looked at him too, he had no fever and no pain when she felt his tummy (despite having had tummy pains on the weekend). For the rest of the afternoon, we drove around, went to the lab but it was closed, went to the bulk food store where he suddenly perked up, especially after a handfull of candy corn. We dropped off a bag of baby hats (including two pumpkin hats) to the hospital, and went up to Camilla Valley Farm for some yarn. By the time we got Lucy he was fine, and after school we cleaned out the pumpkin guts, but I could feel myself getting worse.

But not worse in the tummy way! A cold or something was settling in. Monday night I was hot and cold and had bizarre scary dreams--very unusual for me. Tuesday morning I still was fluctuating hot and cold. By the time Rob came home Megan was clearly sick with a runny nose and the two of us were flaked out on the couch. Rob took Huey and Lucy to the school Fall Fair, and Megan fell asleep on the couch. I vegged, sweated, talked to my Ma, shivered, watched TV, etc until bedtime. It was not a good sleep, and I slept in this morning and Huey was late for school. He didn't eat all his breakfast.
Once home, I was trying to take some vitamins and my meds, when I started having trouble drinking the cold water. I started gagging and then throwing up. And up. And up. That's so odd for me. I so rarely do that, but that's the second time this year! I think the anti-nausea medication on the ship must have really helped keep me from puking! For awhile after that I felt worse, but now I'm feeling not bad, except for this cold. So hopefully I am getting better--or at least my stomach is.

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Cheryl-lynn said...

Well you are really having a hard time aren't you. I hope that you just have a really bad flu that can pass and it not be so serious. I am just not really sure how you can feel like crap and still be motherly to three busy bodies. I could just see me on the couch as everything around me just becomes a larger mess.