Friday, October 26, 2007

Getting Better?

So, I took all my anti-biotics and am feeling much better. I didn't make a follow up appointment with my doctor because I noticed a huge improvement right away. But today, they called and want me in to discuss the bloodwork. It was a pretty standard work up, including TSH (thyroid), postassium, sodium, and lipase (pancrease functioning). I expect the sodium/postassium will be off due to the dehydration, but I think she'd take that into account. I'm actually hoping something is up/down with the TSH. I have complained for years about low-thyroid symptoms, but the tests have been 'normal' (although the normal had changed and my other doctor didn't seem interested in acknowleding that). I'm really curious as to what's the concern. Even back in June when I was at the ER every night, I never got a call from the doctor's office. I wonder if the Lipitor has caused some issues. I never got around to taking the 6 week blood work for that.....

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