Tuesday, November 13, 2018

First Day of Work!

As soon as my info had gotten entered into the Board's programs, I started getting a few calls. The first was an advance call, for secondary school instrumental music!! How funny, that less than a year after being told I didn't have enough experience to be hired to the secondary panel, I get my first job and its secondary. AND instrumental music. I hadn't done secondary music since Feb 1995. I don't even know where my baton is. I was frightened. It was also a school I had never been too, very large and scary.

I got there early, and thankfully the office was great, the plans were great, and there was another music teacher to help fill me in. The teacher had left details for both a music sub and a non music sub. By golly though, I was a music sub! The first class was grade 9. They were incredibly silent. It was still fairly early in September, and I think they were still in shock. I got to experience a high school prep period, 75 minutes. And then there was a grade 11 class. That was fun, especially the student who told me they were way more advanced than anyone else in the school band, because of taking lessons for so long. Then another grade 9 class. Again they were very quiet!

I easily survived my first day back! Though it wasn't really 'back' since I had actually never done secondary supply before! I almost felt bad for earning my pay. Where was the mischief, the foul mouths, the crazy happenings I heard from other OTs?!

Oh, I spoke too soon.....

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