Sunday, August 19, 2018

Chip Truck Review: Bancroft Kawartha Dairy

Every parent that has ever driven into Bancroft up Highway 28 has experience the annoying backseat demands once the first Kawartha Dairy billboard is in view. 7km! Every time we've stopped, we always say "we should try the chip truck." I was bringing the kids up on my own this past Friday and when we saw the long line up at the Dairy, we headed over to the chip truck. It's actually called Burgers & More. Cash only!

My pictures are a little out of order and I can't seem to change the order on my phone.
The poutine was a little pricey, we felt. Yes, there were cheese curds, but over all, they were just ho-hum. Soft fries--I think because they closed the lid. We got the Regular/Small--$6.95!

Skippy wanted in on the cheesey action

They looked promising!

The onion rings were actually very good. They could possibly have been fresh made. They were much skinnier than the PC Frozen ones from Miss Crispie's. A man ordered two orders of fries right after us and his were ready quite quick, and while we were also getting a bacon cheeseburger, I don't know how that would delay our order so much. These rings were $3.95. I would get these again. 

The menu is quite extensive, and they have another board with $5 deals. Overall, our meal was a little pricey, even without the burger. Megan got chicken nuggets and she said they were really good (they looked like McDonald's nuggets to me).
There is a covered seating area, but the benches look a little sketchy. We sat at a picnic table with an umbrella, and there is also a little gazebo (but no pets allowed in it). 

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