Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Cruise 2017: Day 8, At Sea

Finally, a day to relax, right? Not quite! There's always stuff going on. I did try hard though, and I think we were fairly successful!

I have nothing highlighted in the daily planner, but I know we did stuff. Pictures don't lie!

Okay, so the only picture I have from the daytime was this one:

Taken in the Sky Lounge, I was there for the Music Trivia, Broadway edition. I did terrible! They were mainly newer shows that I haven't played the music from. Then we stayed for the Trivia Club: Afternoon Challenge. This was to be general knowledge. General, my foot. Oh well, it was fun.

Prior to this, we had gone to Celebrity Central at 3:00 for a presentation "Oceans Ahead with 2nd Engineer Giorgios: How The Ships Move". It was a good crowd. That waited, and waited, and waited. We were probably mainly Canadians, considering how long we waited. People started coming in for the 4:00 Bingo. A few staff members tried to find Giorgios, and eventually they said they'd try to reschedule and to check the planner. Never saw it listed for another time. Rob explained to me how ships move though. An engine turns a shaft which turns the propeller and the water displaced pushes the ship forward. So now you know too!

 It was "Evening Chic" night, and I wanted to get a picture of my dress that I made. So Rob posed so I could set up the self-timer

We've really slacked off on "formal" night. He didn't even wear a tie. In fact, when he was packing, he found a drink receipt in the jacket pocket from the last cruise in 2014. So, obviously, we're not dress up people. Well, I try to. Him, not so much.

 Random dining room shots. At the large table behind me was a great group. They weren't all together, and had a great time getting to know each other. I realized a few days ago (on the cruise) that "Kevin"---the taxi-driver finder from Grand Caymen--was at this table. Sounds like a fabulous guy.

 Seafood cocktail, I do believe. An appetizer.
 It was lobster night. I agreed to try lobster tail for real this time. On Royal, Rob always started with two and often got at least one more. This time, there was one lobster tail. It's pretty small once they take it out of the shell. It was okay. I wasn't crazy for it, but  I ate it. And was still hungry. Don't recall the dessert.
People always say that Celebrity is for old people and I know they're trying to appeal to younger folk too. But this was the scene in the ONE dining room every night. And there were more scooters outside the door, and of course, some guests needed them to get to their table. At least ten mobility devices were parked at the doors.

 The nice thing was though, the evenings were very quiet on the open decks. This tends to be true on other ships too, but much more so on this one. Still windy though.
 Awesome Curad bandaids I got from the Guest Relations desk before dinner (I didn't wear those shoes to dinner). I always get blisters on cruises cause I tend to get new shoes before we go LOL. Those bandaids stayed on for quite a while, even after swimming.
 The Solarium roof. We were trying to decide if these are mini-solar panels.
The evening show was a Tribute to Broadway. Well done, of course. There was another Silent Disco listed in the planner, but I don't think we went. No glass blowing show either. There was one at 3:00-5:00, but of course we went to the talk that never happened. So, it looks like it was a pretty low key day after all.

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