Monday, September 7, 2015

Chip Truck #11: Rachel's Chips and Cones

This truck has been on my list to hit for awhile.  Everyone says it awesome (did come across one woman who said she's wasn't all that impressed).  It's just not in an area we get to often.

When heading south on Simcoe St (Oshawa), continue south of Wentworth and look for the sign by the curb, across from the fire hall.  The truck is tucked back a bit, but you can see the nose of it as you approach.

It wasn't busy, but there were other people before and after us.
Click on this picture for a larger view.  I had been told there were onion rings there, but none on the menu :(  Check out the blue raspberry dipped cones!  I've never seen that before!!

 Since I had just one taste tester with me, we opted for the poutine, a small.  It was quite good.  The fries were excellent, with a great crispiness.  The gravy was good...not heavy on the spices, but full of meaty flavour and richness.

There were two picnic tables, one had an umbrella, so that was nice because it is super hot right now.

 This isn't my picture, but it's a great shot.  The first two pictures weren't mine either.  Thanks to my Frugal Facebook Friends!

Rachel's has a FB page with other great pictures.  Go hungry and get the X-treme or the Rachel's Mess!


I dragged the family over again recently to give another test! Sure, it's a bit of a drive for us, but sometimes you've just got to.  Megan was away for the day, so it was nice just to have the older two and Rob.
This is the supreme fries. I loved them, except for the sour cheese. I'm just not a fan of sour cream as  a topping, and not a fan of cold toppings on hot fries. 

The fries were excellent again. I could go for them a bit more crispy, but that's just me. I think they should give you a spoon for all that gravy. Now, if only this truck had onion rings, it would be 5 stars. Home made onion rings, not packaged ones! Please? I know they're more work but so yummy.

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