Monday, July 13, 2015

Chip Truck Visit #3: "Lakeside Chips"

I don't know if that is the real name of the truck as the only "name" on it was "French Fries!".  Down at the Whitby Waterfront, between the old pumphouse and the big gazebo.  Techincally, it's called Water Street, but really, it's just the southern part of Brock Street.  We park at the lot in front of the pumphouse, because I don't like parking on the road.  There is usually a Port-a-Potty there by the parking lot, though I can't comment on it, LOL.  If you need "real" washrooms, you can park further up at the playground lot and walk to the east up the trail past the Haydenshore Pavillion, to the washroom building.  I do NOT know why it's not situated closer to the middle of the popular trail here!

The last few years, there was a teal coloured chip truck here.  We tried it last summer, and wasn't too impressed.  This year, it's a different truck.  The woman running it was very friendly, it's a nice shady spot, but not enough seating considering how popular the spot is.  There are plenty of benches though along the trail, just not practical for me and three kids.
She said the fries are fresh cut, so they take about 7 minutes.  They did take longer.

Click on the picture for a larger version.  There is a LOT on the menu.

 Lucy and Hugh each got their own onion rings, which we all said were AWESOME!  We'd come again for the onion rings!
 The french fries?  Meh.  Big serving!  Nice tray, lots of long fries for dipping.  But they were a bit mushy on the inside.  I wouldn't turn them down if we were in the area, but I'd opt for the onion rings.
It's a nice spot for a snack, since there is no other food options at the lake.  I've heard good things about Lakeview Grill just up Brock St though.  We're still on the quest for a truck with both onion rings and fries that are AWESOME!

Addition:  We went back and tried a small poutine.  I thought it would be the same size as a small fries, but it was much bigger, and too much for just Megan and I.  The gravy was good, the cheese curds were plentiful, but I still wasn't keen on the fries themselves.

2016:  We tried this truck again and I should have read my own review LOL.  I think we got a small and it was more than enough for a post dinner snack.  Again, the gravy was very good, the cheese curds were good, the service excellent (not fast though).  We just aren't a huge fan of the naked fries.  Don't let this deter you, as others report that they love the fries here.
This menu is from August 2017 but might still be relevant

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