Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Those Were the Days!

Origianlly from Dec  8 2006:

You know you're tired when... forget to pick your son up for your weekly lunch date! Not only was I at the school at lunch time to drop Lucy off, but I didn't even remember that I had forgotten Huey until he was home for the afternoon, and he said something about it! It was an off day--Lucy was sick again in the morning, so she didn't go to speech therapy, but was totally fine by school time, which I was glad for as I had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon. I was focused on getting Lucy to school, then going to Wal-Mart to kill some time before the appointment.

Megan slept better last night, but is pretty miserable today. And now I'm sick. I only felt tired, logically, and a bit sniffly, last night at Knit Night at the store, but shortly after getting home, I could feel it coming. And of course, today is another PD Day. That would have been okay if the kids had slept in, but as usual Murphy fashion, they were up earlier than usual (although Megan slept in a bit).

I'm having a hard time with Megan. She is pretty cranky today, but that doesn't stop her:

There she is...trying to make her own toast. She can climb onto the chairs and then right onto the table. (Pardon her outfit...she was a mess and I didn't feel like going upstairs to find a matching shirt so I stole one of Lucy's too small shirts from the laundry). She can also climb onto my extra high bed, into the bathtub, and even up several steps of Huey's ladder. On one hand, she likes having a big brother (and big sister), but she would be so much easier to supervise if she were an only child!

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