Thursday, October 3, 2013

To Each Their Own

This was originally published in 2006 on my knitting blog, but now that I have a non-knitting blog, it's better suited to here!

I'm in a Yahoo parenting group, called "Slightly Crunchy Attachment Parenting" and there seems to be a lot of Mormons and ex-Mormons. Someone (not necessarily a Mormon, but I think likely), posted a link for the latest in swimwear (this was early in the summer). It was tongue in cheek, but it is definitely a real business! I particularly love the 'slimming suit'. It's important to be modest and not show much skin....but we must look as slender as possible while showing nothing! Quick, go take a look! I'm sure we'll have a few weeks of summer sometime again :)

This summer (2013) we were planning a trip to a water park, outside Ottawa, Ontario (our nation's capital!).  I noticed on the website that "burkini's" were allowed on some slides.  I had an idea what a burkini was, but since they're not at all bikini's, why play on that word? 

I'm looking at my list of labels to add to this I add the religion label?  Since these swimwear requirements are due to religion, I guess so!

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