Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cruise 2011: Day 3, Labadee, pt 2

I wanted to be on deck for the sail away, and as per the previous two trips, Rob would lay down on a deck chair and have a siesta.  This time there was no loud band (we were in the Solarium; the large glassed in area at the front of the ship), but there were those dark clouds again!  What really got me was that they blew the ship's horn as we were leaving.  Several times.  Wouldn't it have been better to blow it before departure?  It is VERY loud, so be warned if you're up on deck.  I never heard it at the other ports (that have cities).

A little while after leaving Labadee, the Captain came on the loudspeakers.  Being on the deck, it's really hard to hear.  What we did make out was that there was a hurricane coming, and we would probably not be going to Cozumel.  We weren't too disappointed by that, since we had been there before, but were very curious as to where they'd take this huge ship.  There aren't too many options!

We had no plans until time to see the headlining show, "Chicago".  I was SO excited to see this.  I've played the music in bands, but I've never seen the play or the movie.  I knew Royal Caribbean would do a good job with it, and that the scantily clad women would appeal to Rob, but other than that I really didn't know much about it.  It was awesome.  Fabulous.  But as always, very cold in the theater.
 I'm not sure what Rob had for dinner...I had started out writing it down every night, but then realized pictures are worth a 1000 words....
 I had lamb shank.  I think I prefer lamb chops, but this was very moist (with some fatty bits), and very flavourful--lamb is a strong taste! 
I didn't discover the mint jelly until half way through, and although I wouldn't normally eat it, it did help mellow the taste of the lamb.  Rob ate my potatoes.  Rosemary was the garnish on everything this week.

 After dinner we went up top to play mini golf.  At first glance, you might think this is an easy course--there's no windmills, or sliding gates, or other tricky things.  But it is a very well thought out course and you can't just whack the ball.  One of us started right off with a hole in one....I think it was Rob, but maybe it was me (I did it on the other cruise, so maybe this was his turn, LOL).
 Hey, how'd Skippy get on the mini golf course?!
 There's a little kids section too, which is more like putting practice, but very whimsical and fun.
 We headed over to the flowrider to see what's up.  There were some staff working out.  On one hand it looks like fun, but watching the video on the TV and watching people actually try it for the first time was enough for us, LOL!  There are two Flowriders on this ship, but often just one was open.  Still, I hear the line ups aren't too bad.  We thought about getting a lesson, but it's $60.  We're too cheap!

Tomorrow---Jamaica, man!

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