Thursday, September 8, 2011

Indianapolis, Day 7

Phew!  Life got a little crazy there.  Last week was the last week of summer break and the girls were in daycamp and Rob was away for 4 days so I thought I'd get lots of blogging done.  Ha!  Especially since I had to upload some videos to YouTube and for some reason it takes like 1/2 hour for a 2 minute video.  Anyone know why?  The video was shot with my old Canon Powershot compact, 5.0mp camera, nothing fancy.
Anyway.  Day 7 was the last day of camp for the kids, and this meant Lucy's camp was putting on their performance.  It was a 20 minute musical called "Annie Jr. Jr".  The orphans tell the story of Annie, without characters like Annie, Miss Hannigan, or Mr Warbucks.  Just the orphans.  I hadn't realized that Lucy was the first one to actually speak in the play, and I totally missed taping that :(  But I did get some other videos.  If you go to the YouTube link in the first paragraph, you can see the three videos I took of the production.  Lucy is the one with blonde braids, glasses, and the brown t-shirt dress.
We were VERY impressed with Lucy's performance.  She was on the younger side of the group, but you couldn't tell.  It's hard to believe this is the same girl that wouldn't even look at strangers as a toddler.  She's thinking she might like to join a youth theater group now!
 Hugh's class didn't come to the production as they were still fine-tuning their robotic vehicles and vying for the title of camp champion.  Most of the kids didn't want to leave and it was only when the parents started dismantling the cars did they finally concede to the end of camp.
Meg didn't mind coming home, although carrying two Dixie cups with sugar solution and Popsicle sticks that "CAN'T MOVE!!" was a chore.

For Friday afternoon, Rob, Lou's husband and I took the kids to the JCC again (Jewish Cultural Center, where they have an awesome outdoor aquatic park; see Day 3).  Meg had been asking to go every day!  Unfortunately, the smaller kid area was closed, so the other areas were a bit more crowded, but that resolved once the day camp kids left.  To celebrate our great trip, I even tried the water slides!!  The tube one was very dark and kind of scary but I figured if the kids could do it, so could I.  And it was fun!  A couple weeks ago I even went down the water slide at a pool here!

It was rather sad to pack up Friday night.  The kids had a great time together, although it was definitely tough on everyone at times---adding 7 people to a family of 3!  They have great memories of the trip though and we'd love to do it again.

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