Friday, January 21, 2011


Lucy is an interesting girl. Very bright and precocious, she lacks common sense sometimes, but her cuteness saves her.

I love having the kids come home for lunch, for many reasons:

Hugh walks in the front door and says "It helps you walk on top of the snow".
Lucy followed him in the door (rare) and replies "But what if you're carrying a dead horse?"


Lucy's class is studying pioneers, like all good grade 3 classes in Ontario since before I was even in grade 3. They were going to have a project where the teacher assigns the kids a "pioneer job" and they have to do a report. Lucy's first choice of jobs: banker.
Last year, Lucy made a Christmas Wish List:

1) Lego Set (any Lego set would be fine)
2) Laptop
3) $200 or $250
4) A magic wand
5) A table for my room
6) My own house (just a little house)
7) Lots of candy
8) a driver's licence (a car for my drivers license)
9) an electric guitar
10) A band (a place to rock out)
11) Sana's autograph
12) A TV for my room
She did get a couple things on the list...but not her own house.
A few years ago, I found a pair of RipZone snowboarding pants at the Salvation Army. They were a little big for Huey, but the price was great. After a while, we noticed a jingling sound. There appeared to be some coins stuck between layers of the pants. One day recently Lucy borrowed the pants. During recess, she tried to figure out what coins were in there, based on sound and size. She decided on a Toonie and a penny. Her friend says "Lucy, you know your money too well!"
Although her name is Lucy (and was named after our last dog's sister), we usually call her Lu, or Lu Lu (or YoYo...). It's fascinating though, that she looks SO much like her Aunt Lou!(Not the best picture to show the resemblance, but I can't find the other ones!).

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