Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh Really?

I get an email newsletter from Burda, the sewing company. It said there's a new pattern for a plus size wrap dress. Now, I know I've put on weight, but I don't consider myself plus size...however, in the sewing world, I know I'm at the top of the normal range. However, when I went to the pattern page, this is what I saw:

Does she look plus size in the least? From looking at the comments, I think she's in the smallest size. While the media gets slammed a lot for using tiny wisps of gals to portray real women, I think there's also an issue in the sewing world. Many women turn to sewing because they don't fit regular clothes, and even still, I don't fit perfectly in sewing patterns either. But to see this, and be told it's "plus size"? Makes me want to never buy a Burda pattern.


Susan said...

It looks to me like a plus size pattern on a size 10 lady.

Jennifer MacDonald said...

There is 1 important thing to consider when discussing "plus" sizes & it is DISGUSTING a Plus size is anything over a size 14!! As well most American manufacturers will downsize the labels on their clothing, two sizes, to cater to the vain-ness of the general public. Think about it...wouldn't you want to be able to say I'm a 6 instead of a 10?? Like what the hell is wrong with being a 12, 14, 16 or God Forbid an 18!!