Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not Sure Why We Still Need to Learn This

Is it crazy that World Breastfeeding Week was chosen as the week to introduce the first disposible, pre-filled, baby bottle? (I'm not 100% sure it was intro-ed last week, but it connects well). Hathor has a series of great articles and comics about it.
And to those that say no baby has died because they weren't breastfed? The WHO estimates that 1.5 MILLION children die each year because they were not adequately breastfed. How does Nestle think SELLING disposible bottles to already impoverished mothers is going to 'fix' that?
Human milk for human babies. It's so simple.


Brooke said...

They may be new for Nestle, but they have been around for years from Enfamil... They have them in hospitals and you can special order them from the company. I don't think you can get them at the store...
Just like most things, they have their place.

TracyKM said...

I see on the birth shows, parents using a narrow bottle of formula, but I didn't think they were disposible. Maybe they're not refillable, but these new ones are made of a paper product so they'll decompose. Not that that's much better because we all know in those countries where Nestle is doing their 'humanitarian' work, mothers will find a way to refill these bottles. When Huey was born, I did get some of the little glass bottles of formula, "Just in case" and I am very glad I did, but things would have been much easier if I had been told how to prevent engorgement to begin with, LOL. I do think it is smart to have an emergancy plan, and have no issues with these bottles for that. I'm just really against the garbage waste and Nestle trying to con people.
There were many times I wish I could just go buy a bottle all ready to go!